Pravastatin Sodium Uses And Side Effects

pravastatin sodium tabletsSome doctors prescribe pravastatin sodium to patients who suffer from high levels of bad cholesterol or LDL in their body. This medication aims to reduce the amount of fats, triglycerides and LDL while increasing HDL or good cholesterol levels in the blood. Moreover, this drug is classified as a type of statins, which works by minimizing the cholesterol levels made by your liver. By reducing harmful types of cholesterin and increasing the good ones, you can decrease risks of heart ailments, as well as prevent heart attacks and strokes.

However, it is important that you follow a healthy diet such as a low-fat or low-carb diet while on this medication. This way, you can expect faster and long-lasting results, and you can avoid experiencing severe side effects associated with this medication.

Uses of Pravastatin Sodium

This medication is available in tablet form, and it is taken orally. Depending on your doctor’s recommendation, you may take this tablets with or without food. It is important that you take it once a day, and preferably in the evening.

The right dosage for you depends on your specific medical condition, age, current medications you are using, and your body’s response to the treatment process. It is also necessary that you inform your doctor about other drugs or supplements that you use aside from pravastatin sodium, so you can prevent risks of harsh negative reactions.

In case you take a few other drugs that are intended to lower bad cholesterol such as colestipol and cholestyramine, you should make it a point to take pravastatin tablet at least an hour before or 4 hours after you have taken these other drugs. Keep in mind that these medicines are known to react differently with pravastatin, and they restrict the full absorption of the medication.

You should also remember to take it regularly based on your doctor’s prescription, so you can maximize health benefits from it. The best way to prevent yourself from skipping a dose is by taking the medicine at the same time everyday. Furthermore, you should never discontinue taking it even if you already feel great. There are some people who suffer from high triglycerides without any symptoms at all.

Lastly, you should continue following your physician’s advice when it comes to proper diet and regular exercise. This way, you can support your good health by establishing a healthy lifestyle. After all, the drug may take at least 2 to 4 weeks before you will begin to notice evident results from taking this medication.

cholesterol imagePossible Side Effects of the Drug

You should realize that your healthcare provider has recommended the intake of this drug because the benefits outweigh the risk in terms of taking this treatment for high cholesterol levels. After all, not everyone who takes the drug end up feeling sick or suffering from serious side effects.

According to clinical studies, only a small percentage of patients who use this medicine suffer from confusion and mild memory concerns. These symptoms are quite rare, so it will be best to contact your physician in case you begin to experience these after an intake.

It is also rather rare that the drug causes muscle problems, although severe cases can result to severe physical conditions such as autoimmune myopathy and rhabdomyolysis. If you experience uncomfortable symptoms for a prolonged period such as muscle pain, weakness, fever, exhaustion, and a few other similar situations, then you should seek your doctor’s comment and recommendations initially. Other side reactions include dark urine, yellowing skin and eyes, vomiting, abdominal pains and persistent nausea.

These symptoms may range from mild to unbearable. You need to pay attention to what your body is telling you, particularly when the negative effects are already getting worse. Although a severe allergic reaction is quite rare, you still need to obtain prompt medical support if you experience certain symptoms such as difficulty in breathing, severe dizziness, and swelling of your face and throat.

The list of side effects presented here are only among the typical symptoms that some patients experience due to an intake of pravastatin sodium. If ever you suffer from others that are not included in this list, make sure you contact your doctor immediately for emergency assistance.

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